Get Involved

Get involved

We all know the old saying that the city of Rome was not built in a day.
Well, the same could be said for the state of North Dakota. This is also our mentality when it comes to building the foundation of the North Dakota Music Hall of Fame.

We believe that the foundation of this Hall begins with the involvement and contributions of its Charter Members who provide us with indispensable knowledge and insight as we honor those from North Dakota who have significantly contributions to music.

For $200, you can be a part of history by helping form and mold the future of North Dakotan music as we honor its past. This also makes a great gift! You will receive a numbered charter member certificate as well as recognition on any publications honoring Charter Members. If you are a business, a clickable link will be added to your listing from the NDMusicHall website.

Feel free to fill the form below if you would like to become a charter member! Only 500 charter memberships available so hurry before they are no longer available.